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Deployment Automation for Atlassian DC on K8s

Atlassian license PRs Welcome

Support disclaimer

Officially support warning

This project is designed for Atlassian vendors to run DC App Performance Toolkit and is not officially supported.

We don't recommend using the scripts to deploy production instances but they can be used for inspiration and to deploy testing stacks. Beware that the project is tested only for DCAPT framework use case with the pre-defined configuration files only.

Products and Platforms

Available Products and Platforms

The following products can be installed to Amazon Web Services:

This project can be used for bootstrapping Atlassian DC products in a Kubernetes cluster. This tool will create a Kubernetes cluster and all the required infrastructure. It will also install Atlassian DC products into this pre-provisioned cluster using the Data Center Helm Charts.

Deployment overview

The diagram below provides a high level overview of what a typical deployment will look like for each DC product:

Architectural overview for Jira


Architectural overview for Confluence


Architectural overview for Bitbucket


Architectural overview for Bamboo


Cluster size and cost

Cluster Autoscaler is provisioned as part of the deployment.

You can define the minimum and maximum size of the cluster. The number of nodes will be automatically adjusted depending on the workload resource requirements.

Multiple deployments to a single cluster

Multiple DC products can also be provisioned to the same cluster. See the Configuration guide for more details

Deploying a Data Center product

Product support

The minimum versions that we support for each product are:

Jira DC Jira Service Management DC Confluence DC Bitbucket DC Bamboo DC
8.19 4.20 7.13 8.17 8.1


If you find any issues, raise a ticket. In case of technical questions, issues or problems using this project with DC App Performance Toolkit, contact us for help in the community Slack #data-center-app-performance-toolkit channel.


Contributions are welcome! Find out how to contribute.


Apache 2.0 licensed, see license file.